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About Me...

I am an artist, Illustrator, and serial hobbyist based in New York.

I fell into the world of game art by accident. I had always been drawn to the art of fantasy tabletop games, especially tabletop role-playing games. It wasn't until my senior year at Montserrat College of Art that I realized that there was an option to pursue the industry behind this fantastic world of art. I haven't looked back since. In my time in school, I found a niche doing countless commissions for people around he world, creating exclusively TTRPG Virtual Tabletop resources such as tokens, character portraits, and Maps.

After graduating with my BFA in Illustration with Dean's Honors from Montserrat College of Art in May of 2022, I moved to NY to pursue my freelance career as an artist with these games in mind. 

Currently, I am an art teacher for grades 3-6 by day, and an Illustrator by night.

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