Terms of Service

Below is the basic TOS of commissioning me! Please note that these terms can and do change; what is listed is the default.

Super simple summary;


-Print out for private collection and enjoyment

-gift final image/file to a buddy

-Share w/ credit


(unless otherwise agreed on)

-make money off of image

-remove watermark


-claim as own/trace


Most of the stuff in the don't list can be changed if prior agreed on.

By default, rights remain with artists until commercial rights are purchased. Otherwise most private and non-commercial stuff is okay to do!


Any usage rights not granted are reserved to the Illustrator. Usage beyond that granted to the Client herein shall require payment of an additional fee in the amount of Illustrator's standard fee for such usage, subject to all terms. For use in magazines and newspapers, first reproduction rights unless specified otherwise here:

  • For all other uses, the Client acquires only the following rights:

    • Use in gaming as character tokens, resources, references

    • Sharing on social media/social circles with credit

    • Printing for private display

    • Gifting print, image, or file to friend (must be described as a gift in beginning)

Original artwork, including sketches and any other preliminary materials, and all copyrights therein, remains the property of the Illustrator unless purchased by payment of a separate fee subject to all terms.
Any grant of rights is conditional upon receipt of full payment.
Upon receipt of full payment, Illustrator shall deliver the digital files necessary to enable Client’s usage rights granted herein. Illustrator retains the rights to display all work created by Illustrator for this Project, including preliminary materials and final art, in Illustrator’s portfolios, including in print and online, and to submit such work to design periodicals and competitions.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in the invoice, these actions will result in being immediately blacklisted from future commissions as well as potential legal action.

  • Please note that commercial rights, unwatermarked, and special usage of final image can be purchased if discussed and agreed upon in writing. Otherwise, these actions are forbidden;

    • Tracing, heavy referencing, or copying art

    • Cropping out, covering, or removing watermark

    • Posting/sharing on social media without proper credit (@ tag, name or website link)

    • Reproducing or selling images in any way for commercial profit​

    • Claiming art as own